Yes Man. Yes Man ended up being primarily a simple securitron robot designed to be effective for Mr. House similar to another securitrons located on the remove.

Yes Man. Yes Man ended up being primarily a simple securitron robot designed to be effective for Mr. House similar to another securitrons located on the remove.

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He was retrieved by Benny and several associated with the Chairmen after being harmed by a heartbeat grenade. Following this event, supporters of Apocalypse representative Emily Ortal analyzed the securitron in order to find out Mr. home’s strategies in return for reprogramming him or her for Benny’s individual incorporate. [1]

The reprogramming ended up being considerable, and contributed to yes-man getting which is designed to manage exactly as they are informed; thus, yes-man is not merely this system’s brand, additionally, it is his job details. Yes-man is wholly incapable of declining any arrange or withholding any know-how he or she is requested, irrespective of whom he will be interacting with. Benny’s approach was to get rid of Mr. Household and download yes-man’s A.I. on the fortunate 38 mainframe, putting yes-man (by expansion, themselves) in charge of many of the securitrons throughout the Strip. Yes Man’s biggest aim would be to incorporate his or her connection to Mr. Houses’ internal directories and supply useful facts to Benny so that the man could keep one-step prior to quarters. [2]

After navigating these sources, Yes Man uncovered different numerical data regarding the Strip’s protective qualities and plans to organize a Courier to supply a platinum processor. After eating these details to Benny, Yes Man served to tell your of all the channels, birth and making days and possible ambush locations where the processor chip might saved together with the Courier removed without Mr. quarters mastering of Benny’s activities. This information results Benny recruiting members of the truly amazing Khans and journeying south toward the Goodsprings Cemetery in which these people successfully take and counteract the Courier, taking the processor chip and burying the Courier, making their own abductee to pass away. Benny soon enough betrays his own entourage, leaving them to cope on their own contrary to the NCR in Boulder City and return on the remove wherein this individual idles all around for the Tops surrounded by his or her individual facts. [3]

As soon as the Courier comes of the Strip, Yes Man will reveal every one of Benny’s intentions to usurp electrical power and supply his services to the new introduction. If platinum processor is actually healed, Yes Man will reveal the degree of his intends to discard Mr. premises and substitute him, obtaining to offer the Courier the slightest bit should they realize success. Enduring without Benny, Yes Man will gladly offer the Courier and can adhere any command considering, in essence supplying the Courier full control of the remove and permitting any steps you need to take on the other side groups vying for that Mojave Wasteland. Although yes-man offers his or her views and advice on how to cope with more groups, one groups that have to sooner feel presented are generally the NCR and the Legion according to the selections had. [4]

After the Courier’s power and relationships tend to be solidified, Yes Man’s next phase should turn on a legion of upgraded Securitron Mk Two’s, using the platinum processor chip to spread this software to energetic Securitrons, creating their offensive and preventative possibilities. Vendor final confrontation at Hoover Dam, Yes Man will be needing an override processor become set up in the NCR occupied El Dorado substation, meaning to divert power to the happy 38’s inactive reactor thus getting an important tactical place for electrical should Hoover Dam getting harmed or demolished inside war.

Yes Man may also inquire the Courier to enlist the help of the follower of this Apocalypse even though this is actually elective. As soon as lutheran seznamovací weby zdarma preparation is complete, the last confrontation can result in the Courier directing electricity from the Dam to your Securitron military on stand by underneath the Fort, whipping the Legion and betraying the NCR, getting rid of both groups and greatest a “certainly unbiased” New Las vegas as originally pictured by Benny, because of the steps produced by the Courier for a long time framing the Mojave. [5] [6]


Yes-man is in the beginning located within Benny’s package within the surfaces casino. To get usage of yes-man, the Courier must either kill Benny through the casino, sleeping with your (demands the charcoal Widow bonus), existing Swank with proof Benny’s treachery, or confront him and force him or her to flee into Fort.

To obtain yes-man, enter in the shirts casino and move forward straight ahead after dark casino ground towards elevator bank (at the mark saying “Elevators out of Order”). Make use of the other lift the to the 13th carpet. Exit the lift, turn suitable, and enter in the 3rd set of gates on remaining region of the hallway (two fold entrances with potted bushes flanking these people). Go in to the space and with the hole during the walls in the back of the space.

Following pro figure completes Ring-a-Ding-Ding, yes-man could be found in the front side from the clothes casino, where in actuality the Courier can build relationships your to carry on the questline as long as they extremely choose.

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